πŸŽƒ Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

Yay, it’s almost half term and we’ve survived the first few weeks of settling in and the general madness of being back at school!

This year I did a Halloween theme for the first time ever. In the past I’ve always been afraid of upsetting certain parents, but seeing how into witches and potion making some of my Muslim girls were last year, I decided to go for it!

We focused on the Julia Donaldson book, room on the broom, which is full of rhythm, rhyme and repitition and is perfect for phase 1 phonics.

I am a firm believer in not introducing phase 2 letter sounds too early in reception. I feel that it is imperative that children are exposed to plenty of phase 1 rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and blending and segmenting games, in order to build up a solid base and an ear for sounds. Β In our objective led planning this week our literacy focus has been blending and segmenting sounds in words. We set up a silly soup activity outside with lentils, beans and CVC word objects….

imageLater in the week we transformed our outdoor playhouse into a witches hut….



In it we had our silly soup cauldron and some CVC word objects. In the other corner we set out the props from the room and the broom story as well as having the book and picture prompts on the wall. We also filled our little ikea storage wall hanger full of pens and writing frames..



Our numeracy objective this week was for the children to count out a set amount from a larger group. I modelled this activity at the carpet and then set it up in our water tray which was filled with gelibaff and cauldrons. The children had to pick a number card and place that many items into their cauldron. They LOVED the gelibaff and asked if they could have it out everyday!


On on our funky fingers table I vagazzled some skull shot glasses that I bought in good old poundland and the children had to fill them up accordingly with spiders of varying sizes. Again differentiated tools were provided.

Halloween activities on


The following week IΒ set this funky fingers activity up in a tuff spot outside with green gelibaff.Β TheΒ children were thrilled!

imageGelibaff funky fingers

That’s all for now folks.Β I hope you all have a wonderful and restful half term. ❀️


6 thoughts on “πŸŽƒ Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

  1. Jenny Moore says:

    This is excellent, as a speech an language therapist it makes me happy! Phonological awareness (rhyme, rhythm etc) is so important for speech development and therefore literacy! And…I love room on the broom!


  2. Charlotte says:

    I am loving your blog. Such fantastic ideas. I was wondering how your objective based planning worked… Do you just do a short input modelling an activity and then teach in provision rather than do different inputs? I’m wanting to try it but not sure how to start x


    • Thanks so much charlotte! I just started OLP 3 weeks ago and I highly recommend it. I read an article on that was written by Alistair Bryce Clegg, which inspired me to start. So yes, objectives are taught through the provision and at the carpet. Check out for more info though as he is OLP’s biggest advocate. All the best x


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