5 Ways to Engage Parents in the EYFS

1. Reading Morning

Every Monday morning my parents come into class from 8.50 – 9.10am to read and play reading games with their children. It gives me the opportunity to mill about and model how to segment and blend to read, amongst other reading skills.  It has been very successful and always sets the day off to a great start!

We put out a selection of fiction and non-fiction books, guided reading texts and reading games such as Bingo and Treasure & Trash.  We also put a reading game on the interactive whiteboard and class computer.

5 ways to engage parents

image2. Maths Morning

We have recently started to alternate our reading mornings with maths mornings. We have seen amazing results with progression in reading and phonics, but numeracy doesn’t seem to have as high a profile.

We set out a selection of board games, number ordering activities,  counting and number recognition activities, games on the computer and Numicon activities.

image3. Online Learning Journals

This is another amazing way to engage with parents. Tapestry has a function which allows parents to respond to observations as well as upload their own observations from home.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

A teacher's perspective on Tapestry Rockmyclassroom.com

4. Mystery Reader

image My TA came back from a course with this fab idea, which we implemented immediately.  Every week or couple of weeks a parent will sign up to be our mystery reader.  They can choose to either read a story or talk about their jobs or their culture.  So far we have had several stories in English, one in Urdu, a mum in to talk about Channukah, an Auntie in to play the violin and a dad in to talk about his work as a builder, complete with his tool box!  

The exciting thing is that we keep it top secret, so that their child has no idea they are coming in. When I get word from the office that our mystery reader has arrived the children sit down and cover their eyes. They then count down from 10 and when they open their eyes the mystery reader is sitting in my chair.

The look on their child’s face is priceless and something I always try to catch on camera. It has been such a success; the children love it and the parents are continually signing up.

5. Parent Volunteers

If they are willing and you are comfortable having parents in your class, get them in and get them involved! They are such an amazing resource and quickly understand and learn about how their children learn through play.

Do you have any other fab ideas for getting parents involved in your EYFS setting? If so, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you 🙂