Water Tray Fun

Last week my eagerly anticipated water pump tray finally arrived from TTS.

It it has been such a big hit with the children. It is really well made, the pump element is very appealing and there’s a handy wooden shelf that fits over it. I always find that children need and seek out a flat surface to put their measuring cups and jugs on, to free up their hands and to give them the freedom to bend down to the level of the jug or whatever and watch the water rising.

Having been inspired by ABCdoes I recently started purchasing brass and metal jugs/pots on eBay and in charity shops. I thought that they might appeal to the children because of the feel and weight of them as well as the shine, texture and reflective surfaces.  I decided to unveil my new collection this week and threw in some flower petals and strawberry scented red water to add an extra bit of interest.

Water tray fun FullSizeRender_2

(Note to teachers – don’t throw away your old flowers. Bring them into school and shake the petals into your water tray or around your small world to add a touch of gorgeousness!)

The children were in awe and genuinely thought that the jugs etc were made from real gold. They reminded each other to be gentle and careful because the pots were so ‘delicate’!

image image image image The vocabulary they used to describe the pots was rich and varied. I heard them using the words precious, heavy, shiny, golden, tiny and miniature. They soon introduced a potion making narrative into their play and even offered to make me a love potion! 😍 image image image

The boys absolutely love the pump element, which is also fab for developing their upper body strength!

image Water tray Another outdoor water tray tip I have is that you need a lot of space. I have cleared the whole deck area and put a raised tuff spot nearby, along with large scale guttering and stands, so that the children have the space and freedom to play on a large scale.


That’s all for now. The Christmas count down is on. Getting excited about my Elf’s arrival in class on Monday! Woo hoo! 👍


4 thoughts on “Water Tray Fun

  1. Gill A says:

    Thanks for sharing! Looks FAB 😃
    We also shared Alistair’s mixed metals ideas and the children LOVE them!
    I’m liking your shelf, very practical…


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