🍂 Autumnal funky fingers 🍂

Thank you so much for all the love and support I received for my first ever blog post. You’ve given me the encouragement I need to keep going.  Below are this weeks autumn themed funky fingers challenges…

I magpied this idea from Pinterest and thought it was perfect for my funky fingers table..

Leaf hole punching & threading on

Leaf hole punching & threading on

Again, I put out a variety of hole punching tools. I got my star hole punches from my fav early years resources high street shop, tiger!

Conker sorting with tea strainers

Conker sorting with tea strainers

I picked up up the tea strainers in tiger at the weekend for only £1 each. They are quite challenging to open and close and are a perfect finger strengthening tool. 👍 I added the measuring cylinders as an extra provocation – how many conkers does it take to fill each one?

This was such a popular activity, particularly amongst the boys. You can see that some children needed to use 2 hands to open the strainer, particularly those children who have a weak pencil grip.

Outdoors we tried to make the best of the bad weather by adding powder paint to the huge puddles! The children squealed with delight, jumping up and down and using the rollers and paint brushes to mix the paint.


The children loved walking around in their wellies creating footprints….

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Thanks for reading ✨


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