Puddle Fun ☔️

Hello everyone,

i just wanted to quickly share some pictures from an impromptu activity that I did with the kids yesterday. After a night of heavy rain our outdoor classroom, which has no drainage, was left with the usual lake sized puddle right in the middle of it. I decided to let the kids have some fun, whilst helping to sort out the puddle problem and develop their upper body strength, by adding half a bottle of fairy liquid to it and handing them all a sweeping brush…Puddle fun on rock my classroom

After a few moments of furious brushing and bubble making they asked if they could have some colours; we have put in powder paints in the past which also went down a storm.  I thought I’d do something different this time and added some food colouring…

imageThis was very visually appealing and caused great excitement. Children began to pour outside and we soon ran out of brushes.



The puddle soon turned into an enormous colourful foamy froth which lent itself to some fabulous large scale mark making. It also made the loveliest sound, similar to snow, so a multi sensory experience in all!



imageWhen my husband saw these pics he asked was it not really slippy? It honestly wasn’t at all because the ratio of fairy liquid to water was relatively low because of the size of the puddle.

I hope this inspires you to have fun with your puddles outdoors.  If you have kids maybe try it out with them over the half term?

Enjoy x

ight of heavy rain


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